Friday, January 23, 2009

Artists take quilts in a whole new direction

I am going to share some of the things that were said in the article in the Kenosha News today about Quilts: Another Dimension.

One of the photos in the article was very similar to the one above that I took. I chose to use mine as it is hard to scan a newspaper photo and get a good image.

The interview was done with Candace Hoffman, the curator at Anderson Arts Center.
She said "People who have come in while the show was going up have said it's a beautiful show, and they want to come back and bring their friends. That's a good indication that the show is going to be another hit."

Sorensen's quilts are strikingly precise. They lean a little more toward the traditional quilt, but not totally, Hoffman said. "She has such a wonderful sense of color. She knows how to blend. She makes her colors come alive."

Indeed. Some of Sorensen's quilts look almost 3 dimensional, with their bold and complex patterns and color schemes.

"They're exciting." Hoffman said. "They make very powerful statements."

I was pleased it was apparent what I was attempting to do as I played with color and value. The third dimension is intentional in several of the quilts and actually happens in the Grand Finale quilt.

The article also included photos of these quilts by the other artists:

Remember Rollers is by Pamela Allen.

This is by Claire Fenton

There were also photos of Sonji Hunt and Frances Holliday Alford's work. I thought I had taken pictures of every quilt in the show, but I was wrong. You will see those when I take more photos.

Tonight's puzzle is one of the pieces Claire Fenton has in the show.

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Exuberant Color said...

It sounds like the newpaper article will prime the readers curiosity. Now if the weather will just cooperate.

Eva said...

Admirable work! As it is said in the interview.

Leslie said...

How wonderful for you, what a great article and I love Pamela's work as well, thanks for sharing it. Wish I could get there to see it while it's there...

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Applause Applause! So happy for you!