Saturday, January 24, 2009

Counting Down: 16 hours to Show Opening

In less than 16 hours the show "QUILTS: ANOTHER DIMENSION" will open at the Anderson Arts Center.
The birthing of this show has been over 18 months and now it's almost here.

Am I ready? If you know me you know I always have just one more thing to do and that one more thing is at least 5 more things!

I do have the Guest Book ready. I still have some paper work to do.
I've picked out what I'm wearing - black of course - that is what artists wear!
The temperature will go up to 10 degrees tomorrow but I'm still wearing my warm wool clothing.
Of course I have to wear something with pockets for my camera. I planning on taking lots of photos of the attendees and quilts. It's sure to be a festive occasion.

I am looking forward to the beautifully lit show. When I was last there the lights had not all been set yet. They are always artfully set to enhance the work.

Of course I am looking forward to seeing you there. I am also looking forward to those of you who won't be there in person being there in spirit.

Until tomorrow evening, good night!


Jan said...

I love the color play in this quilt. Good luck on the show, I'm sure you will just blow them away!

karenfae said...

Enjoy the show Kay!

Fabric Fanatic said...

Kay, thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I'm excited for you....a one woman show!! YAY and you go girl. Good luck at the show and wish I could be there.

Radish said...

It was a lovely show--I'll have to go back sometime when it's not so crowded so I can get a better look at the pieces in the hallways. Such a treat to see pieces live that I've admired online or in magazines!(serendipitously, I was reading old Quilting Arts magazines last week and stared for a long time at Claire Fenton's "Scroll")

And your shibori is just gorgeous.

Laura Krasinski said...

Oh yeah.... that is Sonji for you... she is something...