Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm Impressed - Look at the Gift Shop

I made my last preshow trip to the art center today. The show is hung and the gift shop is ready.
I'm waiting to share show photos until after the show is open. I am going to share many photos of the gift shop. It looks spectacular. Candace sets up the gift shop differently for each show. Of course this time it features a lot of quilts.
I have made all of these photos clickable so all you have to do is click on a photo and you can see a larger view.

Almost all the quilts in the gift shop are mine. I love the way they are displayed.

You'll find pottery, hats, and scarves here all made by artists from the area.

You would expect to find paintings at an art center and you won't be disappointed.

There are many wonderful baskets.

Many of you will appreciate the hand crafted wood bowls.

The small framed pieces are my work.

I hope you enjoyed seeing all those wonderful hand crafted items available to purchase. Every time I go to the Anderson Arts Center I buy something in the gift shop. I choose to do this rather than put a cash donation in the donation jar.
The Anderson Arts Center gets 40% of the sales price for each item sold. This gives them a larger donation than I would probably make as a cash donation in the jar. I also am impacting at least 3 people (or organizations) when I do this.

1. The Art Center gets income
2. The artist gets income
3. I get something wonderful to enjoy
4. If I buy something for a gift a 4th person benefits

When my grandchildren visit I give them each money to spend and explain the benefits to them.
Tonight's puzzle is one of Sonji Hunt's pieces from the show.
This is the novice puzzle version for tonight.
Click to Mix and Solve

For those of you who prefer a greater challenge this is your puzzle tonight.
Click to Mix and Solve


karenfae said...

Kay everything looks wonderful. What a nice place to shop for unique gifts! I always love gift shops at museums and the like. I sell some of my quilts at the gift shop at the Historic Arkansas Museum in Little Rock. Not many but they buy about 3 of my quilts a year to sell. Over the years I have probably sold about 15 quilts or so there. I think those kind of shops are great because of the unique kind of gifts you can find in them.

Exuberant Color said...

It looks great, such variety available. Good luck on some sales.

Eva said...

The things are mostly valuable craft and beautiful. They could be enhanced by displaying them yet a little more nicely. I'd rearrange them, if possible, as similar groups, like it was done with the wooden bowls. Compare the appeal of this photo with the other! I would collect all the quilts in one place, all the green ceramics in one place and so on. And spend a few $ on additional spotlights. I think, as they are shown now, they rob each other's brilliance. Great shop anyway!

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Your quilts shine amongst the other

Laura Krasinski said...

I have to get down there to see all the quilts and all of your art... Hopefully next weekend or the weekend after that... Great job!!