Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm not as young as I used to be !!!!

I needed a second day to regroup and rest up after the busy weeks of preparing for the show.

A Sacred Place is one of my larger framed works for the gift shop. It is needle felted. There is no quilting. This uses a variety of silks and other fibers. I am in love with the way silk takes color.

Monolith is another needle felted work. I created it with my hand dyed cottons. Again, there is no quilting and it is a larger framed work.

I am not posting a puzzle again this evening. I would like to ask how many of you miss the puzzles? If you would like to see me continue posting puzzles let me know either by posting a comment on the blog or by sending me an email. If there are enough people who enjoy the puzzles I will continue posting them.
Some of you also told me you were addicted to the puzzles and if you are let me know if you are going through withdrawal when I don't post one for you!
I really want to know what you think.

I know a few of you said it takes so long to do some of the puzzles. I want to tell you that it probably takes me longer than most of you since I do get a report listing fastest and average times which you don't see. You would think that since I am familiar with the pictures I should be the fastest but it hasn't worked that way. Occasionally I'll try to better my time by doing it again and sometimes I beat it and sometimes I don't! It doesn't tell who got the times so no one will be embarassed.


Jan said...

I really like doing the puzzles when I have time, which is about 50% or more of the time. I enjoy looking at the pictures when I don't have time to do them. If it's not too time consuming for you, please keep posting them.

Sherryl said...

You have done some job here Kay. I am impressed. Good luck with everything.

Exuberant Color said...

the silks really do have a brilliant color.

I never do the puzzles if you are taking a tally.

Anonymous said...

I got addicted to the puzzles. When I'm in a hurry I sometimes change them to the 35 piece jigzone so they go much faster. I would miss them

Susan Brubaker Knapp said...

I love "A Sacred Place." It is gorgeous. I'd love to see a few close up shots to see the fibers. Susan

Anonymous said...

Kay, I love the puzzles and yes I have done them all, the more challenging the better. I do appreciate though the time and effort it must be for you to create them. If you have enough interested people and you have the time I would love the puzzles to continue. Good luck with your show, wish I could be there to visit! Christine

Carole said...

Hi Kay and thank you for sharing. I have been doing a fair amount of felting, but have always added 'stitch'...I like too that you have framed yours.
Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kay, each day I live for your puzzles. They are very challenging for me, and I like that. Please continue them, and thanks for doing them.

Beth M said...

I love your felted pieces! I've just started playing with felting. I don't have a machine but there are alot of other techniques to try out!! I would like to get a machine someday.

I love the puzzles. You've gotten me addicted to Jigzone. When you don't have a puzzle up, I will go and do others.

jpsam said...

These felted pieces are so inspiring. Luscious color. I'd love to touch them.

Judi said...

I love doing the puzzles. Even when I'm out of tiown I try to visit all the blogs and do your puzzles.

Good luck at the show and I hope you sell tons in the gift shop. Judi who is in OK City getting ready for yet another show.

Suzanne said...

I love the puzzles. You've introduced me to some new-to-me cuts and I've really enjoyed that. if I don't have time for a really challenging one, I can always change the cut to something easier. I hope you'll keep puzzling us!

ann said...

Hi Kay,
Gorgeous colors in that last quilt. I know nothing about felting and will probably never do it because of teh expense of teh machine. However, I do enjoy yours. Your puzzles are generally too hard for me.
Enjoy the journey,

Deb said...

Love your quilts and the puzzles! I've got the puzzle site bookmarked and when you don't have a puzzle or it's too hard, then I do a puzzle from the site. So you've got me addicted to the puzzles either way.
Thanks for the fun and inspiration you provide! I check your blog almost everyday or catch up if I get too busy with life! Thanks!

karenfae said...

Kay I never do the puzzles - I've never cared for working them all that much - I'm more a trivia type game person.
I do love seeing all your quilts.

Karen M said...

I really enjoy the puzzles. Everyday at coffee break I check your blog and do the puzzle. Jigzone is ok, but its more fun to do a puzzle when you are really interested in the subject. And you really find yourself examining the quilt very carefully!

Martha Ginn said...

I used to do jigzone puzzles a lot as a winding down activity at night but got out of the habit. I like knowing I can find a quilt-based one on your blog.
Count me as a yes vote.........thanks!
Martha Ginn

Janice m said...

Your work is lovely and I do enjoy the quilt related puzzles more than just "jigzone".....however, don't stress over puzzles when creating is more important!!

Lisa Quintana said...

Oh! Kay!!! Please Please continue the puzzles! I love doing them and I tell myself that I can afford the time to do them because it is really anti-altzheimer's medication and after all it IS quilt related.

On another note, I laughed when I read that you were taking 56 quilts to be hung in a show as I was taking about the same number that same morning for my local art quilt guild to be hung.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

love those puzzles, so much that I do them over and over Thanks