Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jinny Beyer Seminar Closing Banquet

Jinny always plans something special for the final banquet. For many years the entertainment at the banquet was the Fairfield Fashion Show. In this photo I am modeling Georgia Bonesteel's coat and dress. I don't know the title but it had everything you'd every need to make a quilt inside the coat.
This would be a good idea to make a similar garment and you would not have to pay for an extra suitcase when you travel. You could have one pocket for your stockings, another for your nightie, etc!

This is one of the outfits I made for the Fairfield Fashion Show. This is the official photo as I don't have a photo of it being modeled at Hilton Head.

The garments for the Fairfield show travel for about a year. When this was returned to me I wore it for the banquet one year.

One year we actually remembered to take some photos at the banquet. Many of you will recognize this quilter with me. The sweater I am wearing was one of my Hilton Head shopping purchases. I think it may have been 75% off!

This is our group of five who stayed together in the condo one year. We had to have a schedule arranging who got up first, how long they got to spend in the shower and who they woke up next. One of the people in the photo is my sister. Can you pick out which one she is?

We even were able to find Jinny to be a part of our picture. I can't tell you the year this was but I do know the seminar was still being held at the original Hilton Head Inn at the time, so it was probably one of the first 5 years.
When I started putting photos together for this trip down memory lane I couldn't find enough photos. Then I found an album filled with Hilton Head photos. You have just seen a few of them. I also have other projects I worked on at Hilton Head that you will see in the future.

I have enjoyed taking this trip down memory lane and I hope you have enjoyed it too.

As I write this post this years participants are probably all sitting at the beautifully decorated tables beginning their meals. I'm there with them in spirit, but it sure would have been great to be with them in person!
I'm sure they have all had a wonderful week and more tears will be shed at the end of this seminar than in the past since this is the grand finale.
Job well done Jinny and staff. You have certainly impacted many lives with your annual seminars. BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!

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Barbara said...

I'm sorry you missed the seminar this year.

At the closing banquet, Jinny announced that the surprise was the Fairfield fashion show and explained how that used to be the tradition. Unfortunately, most of the audience didn't realize it was a joke. We weren't really having the fashion show.