Thursday, January 29, 2009

What comes after 2? Colors Of My Life 3, of course!

When I arrived home after completing Colors of My Life 2 my mind was racing with ideas. This quilt is a simple Nine Patch with sashing between the blocks.
What is not so simple is the coloration.
If you look carefully you will see that the red centers change from bright to dull moving diagonally across the quilt.
The greens and browns also change - from light to dark.
The sashing is somewhat the same value overall.

There are places on the quilt where you can easily see it is a Nine Patch and then there are places where you really have to study it to see what is happening.

It has been a while since I used the United States cut for a puzzle. This will test your U.S. geography skills using Colors of My Life 2 from last night. Hope you enjoy it.
Click to Mix and Solve

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Eva said...

Another name for No. 3 could be stoplights. The one top left at least!