Friday, March 26, 2010

Amish quilts make my heart sing! Rerun

I showed you a companion quilt to this one a while back. I finally was able to take a photo of this one for you.
The difference between them is I took everything that included gold and fall colors and used them in this one. The other quilt uses blues, purples, reds etc.
This quilt is just slightly smaller than the other. This one is called Amish Shadows 2. It is 46 x 56 inches. It is impressive hung on a wall. By using so many different colors in a quilt it makes it adaptable to any decor, much like a fine painting.

In case you missed Amish Shadows 1 I'm sharing it again. It is 49 x 79 inches. The blocks in each quilt are exactly the same size. It also is spectacular hung in any decor. These quilts are also very appropriate in dimly lit areas as they glow from within. My color choices are what makes this work, much like antique Amish quilts.

I LOVE this design and you will see more of them soon.

I'm also sharing Amish Shadows 2 as my puzzle tonight. I haven't posted a puzzle with each and every quilt recently. I miss doing the puzzles and hope to incude one with each post.

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Eva said...

The top quilt is very similar to one in a book that made me yearn for the ability to quilt 30 years ago. Telling this story is a rerun, I guess.

Joy V said...

Two beautiful quilts. Love the way the Amish use colour. A group of us from downunder in Oz came to the US in Oct last year and part of the trip went to Lancaster - saw some fab ones in the Museum and also around in Bird-In-Hand and Intercourse. Can't wait to come back.

Susan Graham said...
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