Thursday, March 4, 2010

What a Wonderful World

When I started this adventure called blogging I felt like an explorer venturing into uncharted territory.

Eventually I learned that I could track the number of visitors to my blog and where they were from.

All of a sudden this week I have had a surge of visitors from Belgium. After the United States they were the second largest group of visitors.

The United Kingdom and Canada are usually dueling it out for second place as visitors to my blog.

I also get a lot of visitors from the Netherlands. I would be interested if any of you from other countries would post a comment and let me know how you got here and what interested you enough to make you want to visit or come back to visit.

The newest countries to visit my blog have been from El Salvador, Jordan, Belarus and Mali. Welcome to the visitors for these countries. These are just 4 of the 112 countries that have visited my blog.

This is a journey I am thoroughly enjoying and plan on continuing for a long time.
Thank you to everyone who has visited and keeps coming back again and again.

I'll be here. Will you?


Pippa said...

I found you from a search I did on google for miniature log cabins, I'm currently living in France but was born in England and love looking at your blog, i'll be adding it to my list :O)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kay,
I found you through Quiltart, I'm from Canada, west coast ( province of BC) and am presently working on a series of skinny vertical rectangles that likely will all be string pieced in some way.
Nina M.