Sunday, March 28, 2010

Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes - Show Them Off On Your Quilts!

Annie's Choice is a replication of an antique quilt. It is a wall quilt. It uses fabrics similar to what could have been used in the original. These fabrics are not from one of the reproduction groups of fabric available today. I spent several years searching for the fabrics to make this quilt and the kits I created so others could make it.

Santa Fe Rhythm has 16 points that come together in the center. I amazed myself when they all met and there was no hole in the center. The three dimensional effect comes from using both the right and wrong sides of the fabric to create this quilt.

Paisley Star Mandala was created years ago. I used a set of see thru templates and built it from the middle out.

This 4 patch star was designed to be taught at a quilt retreat. This quilt could never have been made if I had not been collecting fabric for over 30 years. It uses Austrian fabric, Japanese fabric, and American solid fabrics.

The star in the center of this quilt was a serendipitous happening. I was even more surprised when I read Susan Faeder's Japanese Folk Tale she wrote for the Hawks and Heroes Quilt Challenge. In the folk tale the warriors meet at a crossroads that form a star. This quilt was made for that challenge and was the first place winner.


Eva said...

The no 1 has a kind of metallic shine. Very fascinating.

Jackie said...

i love the rose one and Santa Fey!