Monday, March 22, 2010

Another chance to see Quilts: Another Dimension - The June Series Quilts Part 2

This is another piece that uses the fabrics I just created and those from my collection.
The fabric with the black background is another one of my discharged and dyed fabrics. When I opened it up I was not impressed. It's amazing what happens when cut up a piece of fabric and use it with other complementary fabrics.

The burgundy focal fabric reminds me of pine trees. About the only new fabric in this piece was the very small piece of the black background fabric you saw in the last quilt.

This also started with a discharged and dyed formerly black fabric. This was another one I didn't like before I cut it up. This piece was created "on the fly"! I didn't do any preplanning. I overlapped two pieces of fabric and just cut the curves with my rotary cutter. When a section had to be between two other sections it was a bit of a challenge. It is meant to hang at the same angle you see here.

This was one of the larger quilts in the series. This is another case of not being satisfied with a piece of fabric - the magenta and blue piece. By cutting off triangles on two opposite sides I had a starting point.
Once I have a starting point I place that on the design wall and pull out any and all fabrics I think will work with it. Again, most of these fabrics were from my collection. You can see how I used the triangles I cut off.
It was a challenge figuring out how to hang this quilt without adding an envelope back to it.

An Amish square within a square was my influence when I created this piece. The black and brown fabric was potato dextrin discharged. When my son saw it he said it was the ugliest piece of fabric he had ever seen. Cut up it really did a great job making this quilt sing. The center square is a fabric I have used in so many of the quilts in the series and a few others. I may still have a tiny piece left.

This is probably one of the smallest pieces in the series and yet it is a powerful piece. It was made using fabrics I didn't have a lot of. Originally it was larger, but the additional parts I added did nothing for it, so I removed them.

Another puzzle for you.
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Deb said...

I abolutely love that last piece, the smallest one. You didn't give names for the pieces, so I don't know what to call it. But it is just captivating! I could gaze at it for hours and I think that is any artist's desire! It's just amazing!