Saturday, March 20, 2010

It might as well be SPRING!!!! -------IT IS!

We had one of those perfect days yesterday that you wish would last the entire year. The forecast for today is another day like yesterday.

Anyone who knows my work knows I am known for my use of strong colors.
I had to stretch to use the soft lighter colors I used in "Spring".
I did this piece with my Tubular Spiral Patchwork technique.

See How My Garden grows has colors we see in the spring. This is a pieced tessellation.

Tutti Fruitti makes me think of spring crocuses, daffodils and jonquils.

The clear blue background in this quilt reminds me of a clear blue spring sky.

Beyond Peach and Beyond Blue feature soft colors that suggest spring to me.

The soft subtle muted colors of Dreamscape suggest a slightly foggy day in spring to me.

I hope you enjoy this puzzle I created for you.
Click to Mix and Solve


Vicki W said...

The depth of your work constantly amazes me!

jenclair said...

I'm in love with Tutti Fruitti!

LoieJ said...

Beautiful and cheerful, which is what we need this time of year.