Saturday, March 27, 2010

It Seems To Me I've Heard That Song Before

Or shall I say "It Seems To Me I've Seen That Quilt Before!"

In the years that I have been quilting and teaching quilting there have been some quilts that everyone seems to be making.
This bulls eye quilt was one of those. I always look for a better and/or easier way to do things and the easy thing I added to help my students make this was the magic circle stitcher. This allowed you to make perfectly round circles with little effort. This uses raw edge applique.
I added one of Jinny Beyer's Millennium borders to mine.
My quilt you see here has yet to be quilted!

This Pine Tree quilt is a quick cutting, quick piecing quilt designed originally by Mary Ellen Hopkins. If I remember right she had you applique the tree trunk onto the block. Not being a big fan of hand work unless there is no other way to achieve the results I figured out how to piece the stems, production line style.

I call these quilts "Pop" quilts. They are so popular for a period of time, somewhat like fashions, food and decorating styles and colors.

I have tried to concentrate on teaching original work and techniques I have developed in my classes, whether they were in my home studio or as travel teaching classes.

My specialties when teaching quilting were color, efficient methods and design.

I used a circular puzzlecut for the round bullseyes. Enjoy.
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Leslie said...

Oooh, thanks for sharing the Bull's Eye, that is one of my favorite mindless but in the end spectacular blocks to make. I have done it in circles, squares and even heart shapes...