Sunday, March 7, 2010

Love and Marriage - You can't have one without the other

The perfect couple consisting of the quilt design and the quilting design can create a perfect marriage.

This quilt was made with my special Gradual Gradation fabric. I played with the fabric strips moving them up and down to get the two opposing arcs created by the lightest section of each fabric.
Often it takes me quite a while to come up with the quilting design. This piece was no exception.
This is machine quilted. The sharper line created with machine quilting enhances the strong graphic image of the quilt.

I followed the pattern created by the movement of the colors with my quilting design.
I tried to come up with something else that would not involve starting and stopping as I stitched across just one strip at a time. I finally realized, if I wanted the quilt to work I would have to choose the best quilting design to enhance what was already happening in the quilt and not be concerned about starts, stops or time.

This quilt also has a relatively simple design. It needs the correct quilting to enhance the pieced design.

My choice for quilting this quilt included curved vertical lines in the brown lengthwise sections.
The gradation area that shades from gold through turquoise needed a different type of quilting.
Curves lines that zigzagged back and forth echoing the curves of the piecing. This quilting truly enhances the quilt I started with and is a perfect marriage.

You can click on each one of these photos to see a larger version of what I am sharing with you.

This is a topic I will be revisiting from time to time.

I haven't forgot to include a puzzle for you.
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Mary Stori said...

Loved seeing how you intragated the quilting to enhance the designs for both quilts!

Christine Thresh said...

The arcs. I didn't see the arcs until you pointed them out. They are really neat.