Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another chance to see Quilts: Another Dimension - The June Series Quilts

I took two fabric dyeing classes from Carol Soderlund at The Crow Barn and came home with the most wonderful fabrics.
I could fold them neatly and put them on a shelf with other fabrics I had dyed or I could use them to make quilts.

I chose to make quilts with them. This is the second quilt in the series.

The large piece of fabric which was the starting point for this quilt originally was black. We discharged color from the fabric and then overdyed the white parts with colors of our choice. The remaining parts of the quilt were fabrics I had dyed before the class.

The center section of this quilt was also a discharged piece I created. Some of the remaining fabrics were ones I had just created and others were older ones.

Another discharged and overdyed piece was the beginning of this quilt. It you look back at the previous quilt you will see the fourth repeat that came from this piece.

The beginning piece for this quilt was something I created quite some time ago. It was dyed and dye painted with thickened dyes. The green pieces were newly dyed fabrics and the rest were in my collection.

Having a large colletion of fabrics available to you allows you to put them mtogether and have interesting art.

Another puzzle for you to enjoy.
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Stitch 'n Dye said...


absolutely LOVE the first two quilts in this post. Of course they do have my favourite colour - as you know:) I must have missed that entry first time you posted them. They really are stunning. I love the depth of colour and the texture of the shibori.

Love Sue xx

Gisela Towner said...

Wonderful! I would have so much trouble cutting into such gorgeous fabric...LOL
The spring pieces in the other post are sending me to the studio -- i need some bright happy colors here!!

E said...

I found your blog searching for the name of a quilt pattern and spent about an hour sifting through your lovely pictures.
I'm a graduate student in California who is just getting started quilting. Your blog is an inspiration: Spring Break is not for fun-in-the-sun, it's for QUILTING!!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Looks like you have your priorities in the right place Elisabeth!