Monday, March 29, 2010

The Best Is Yet to Come

Many quilters start projects and then don't finish them right away. They call them UFO's! (UnFinishedObjects)
I do not have even one UFO.

This quilt top has been sewn together, but I still want to add more to it and of course it needs quilting and finishing.

And now for the rest of the story!
I don't want all you quilters out there to hate me. I may not have any UFO's, but I have less than 100 WORKS IN PROGRESS!
If the number of works in progress threatens to go over 100 I move some to another list: Rework or abandon, Not real important or Questionable to finish. I do not have to count those lists because they are no longer a work in progress and I may never do anything else with them.

This was created with silk I painted. I hand appliqued the sections together.
I have not decided what I want to do next on this piece. To paraphrase the statement "When the student is ready the master will come" - I say "When the solution appears, it will be applied."

This was a mystery quilt I created at a quilt seminar. It is all sewn together, layered and ready for that solution to appear.

The colored backgrounds and squares on this are also fabrics I hand painted. I made and laid out each block. I found a piece of clothing at a ridiculously low price and cut it up to be the background for this piece.

When can you expect to see the finished works? Anytime soon? Maybe or maybe not.
Some solutions come quickly, others take a long long time.

Here's a very traditional cut for the puzzle.
Click to Mix and Solve

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Eva said...

WIP -- I'm just trying to finish one. I fear I never will if I start a new project that absorbs all my enthusiasm...
Love the pieces you showed. Most of all, the silk thing -- well, that IS something already! If you quilt it as it is, it is a piece of art.