Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sentimental Journey

Recently I have had some wonderful experiences connecting with long lost friends and relatives I haven't see for years. The connections have been made with and without the aid of the Internet.

This is Threads Through Time. As I worked on it I felt a strong connection to my paternal grandmother. I thought about the similarities between the two of us and our differences. During the holidays I was looking through old photos and found photos of each of us at the same age. We could have been twins! I had never made that observation before. My grandmother also sewed and made quilts.
I have recently reconnected with 5 cousins who share the same grand parents. I had already had connected with several others. I now also know how my 2 surviving aunts who are 93 years old are doing.

Through The Years makes me think of friends who I had lost track of and recently made contact with. This includes high school friends, college friends, first job friends and quilting friends. These groups included friends I hadn't been in contact with for as much as 50 years. What a thrill to find them again.

For years I attended Jinny Beyer's Quilting Seminar on Hilton Head Island. For the 10th Anniversary of the seminar I designed the signature block and facilitated making this quilt top for Jinny. I made many friends through the seminar. As we all lead busy lives we lost contact over the years. I have reconnected with so many of them through Facebook.

This Lady Of The Lake quilt is significant because when I returned to Florida this year a long lost friend started talking about a lake in our area. I drove to the lake and also became interested in the history of our part of Florida. I am now reading the history of our county. We still have some "Old Florida" within a few miles but it is rapidly disappearing. Perhaps the current economy will help to slow down the disappearance of the natural beauty. We can hope.

I have so enjoyed reconnecting with everyone. Some nights after finding someone during that day or evening I am so excited I have a hard time getting to sleep. These connections are making my life much richer.

Recently I posted about the Quilt Art Altered Art Playing Card exchange I facilitated. After the post I heard from several of the participants. The cards for this puzzle are some of the ones I made for the exchange.
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Barbara said...

Beautiful quilts - I love the scrappy log cabin- looks like a lot of work but well worth it.

Kathie said...

oh these quilts are beautiful , love the log cabin :)
isn't it amazing how the internet/facebook ,etc has connected us with old friends/family .
Nice that you have found so many relatives