Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another chance to see Quilts: Another Dimension - The June Series Quilts Part 3

This is another quilt that mixes some recently created fabrics with some that were in my collection. There were a few places that created a challenge when I pieced this.

This quilt is fused rather than pieced. If you study this carefully you may be able to see where I cut a shape from one fabric and find the other part of the cut out in another location.

The multicolored design area of this quilt was first painted with thickened dye and then overpainted with fabric paint. The border is a hand dyed fabric.

The white background fabric that makes up the center diamond and border of this quilt came from one of my dye clean up rags. These can make some of the best fabrics.
I added shibori dying to the part I used for the center diamond. I struggled to find a fabric for the borders of this quilt. It was only after I finished it and I sent a photo to a friend that she asked me about using the same fabric in the border and the center section. I didn't even realize they were BOTH from that same dye rag. All of these fabrics were from my collection.

This is the other quilt in this series tht was created with fusing, rather than piecing.

The fabrics I used in this quilt had been in my collection for an extended period of time. I really didn't care for these fabrics. It was only after I started cutting them and putting them on the design wall that a very pleasing arrangement appeared. It is a simple quilt, but simple can be quite attractive.

Once you have used your dye to dye a piece of fabric the dye that is left is usually not able to dye another piece. The light lavender fabric and the focal section with the fan like appearance were both done with leftover dyes. I have a hard time creating, making and using light fabrics and yet I absolutely loved these two fabrics and made it a point to use them in this quilt. Most of the other fabrics were from my collection.

This concludes the quilts in the June Series. It does not conclude the quilts I exhibited in Quilt: Another Dimension. Stay tuned and you will see the rest of them.

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norma said...

Wow! Do you ever sleep? I love the one where you used your left-over dyes and your shibori pieces are wonderful.